While there are many countries around the world with established Business Process Outsourcing industries (BPOs), there, there is simply no better option for the Australian and New Zealand market than the Philippines.

Excellent English

English is one of two official languages of the Philippines and as such, all Filipinos grow up learning English at school. The Philippines is one of the most populous English speaking countries in the world which means you will have little to no trouble communicating with your staff members.

Time Zone

The Philippines shares a time zone with Western Australia which is two hours behind the east coast of Australia. Our staff work to Australian working hours (no matter where you are located) meaning that they are available when you need them.

Excellent Education System

The Philippines has excellent universities and a huge pool of talent for us to draw the best possible staff for your business. Our staff are all university educated and fully qualified for the roles that you require.

Welcoming Culture

Filipinos are well known for their warmth and friendliness which is one of the key reasons why businesses prefer to work with Filipino staff for their business outsourcing. Whether engaging with your clients, or integrating with your local staff, the friendly Filipino culture always shines through.

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