Our story

About the brand

Globalstaff.pro was born from our own experience running Australian businesses by using outsourced staff in the Philippines.

As our company (Vertical Internet Media) continued to grow, more and more of the the business owners that we spoke to everyday reached out to us to help them find part-time, outsourced staff to help them grow their business in the same way that we were able to grow ours.

At first we helped our clients by sharing our own staff with them, but quickly found the demand was too great.

Today, we now have a ready to go team at our disposal and an established recruiting team to find the right talent to fill the roles that you need for your business.

We understand the needs and processes of outsourcing staff to the Philippines as we have done it many times before both as employers and as staff providers.

We strive to use our expertise to make your outsourcing experience as smooth and seamless as possible.  

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